Fall Layers

So much sass.
 Even though it's a bit early to be wearing sweaters here (it was 95 degrees when I wore
this) I thought it would be fun to pretend and also maybe inspire an outfit for those of
you who are living in some fall weather! 

These photos were taken near one of my favorite boutques in Tucson, Bon.
They have the best paper goods in town! If you've ever received a card from me, it
was probably from Bon. Also, my roommate and I realized we are no longer totally uncomfortable
taking pictures in public. We used to get so self-conscious when people would walk by and now
we may even say hello as they pass by us giving strange glances! #growth

Also, I saw This Is Where I Leave You last night and loved it! I am a sucker for family dramas/
comedies (The Family Stone is one of my all time favorite movies) and I thought this one
was endearing and heartfelt. It has a crazy good cast as well! Have you seen it?

Have a lovely Monday!

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Allie said...

The Family Stone is my favorite Holiday movie. I love all the actors, the story, the message, the ending, etc. This is where I leave you seems good.