Yesterday I was walking home from school in the early evening and a certain smell stood out amongst the car exhaust surrounding me. It was the smell of water. But a very specific kind of water.
It had a slight fishy smell mixed with some algae but it wasn't the ocean. It smelled more pure and clean. It smelled like standing on a pier facing Lake Tahoe.

As I continued down the street I smelled campfire and smiled because both scents remind
me instantly of Tahoe but in very different locations. One reminds me of paddleboarding
on the lake and the other reminds me of sitting around a big campfire roasting marshmallows
and swapping stories. Both distinctly Tahoe scents. (at least to me)
And then I became homesick for my home away from home.

I haven't been homesick once this fall, which is a huge feat for me. I have been fully enjoying
my time in Tucson and will be sad to leave come December. But every once in a while the 
thought of Tahoe creeps into my mind and I wish I could transport myself there with ease. 
Maybe it's the Nor Cal girl in me but Tahoe will always be home and I will always miss it.
(I mean, look at that scenery!!)


Allie said...

It's easy to miss such an incredible place! I went to school in the Bay Area but am back home in So Cal right now and I definitely miss it because there's literally something so magical about NorCal :)

Marissa // www.makinitwithmarissa.com

Allie said...

I've always wanted to go to Tahoe! The scenery is gorgeous :) xx

Allie said...

You definitely should!! It's my favorite place on Earth!