Kindness Stories

This past weekend I had just finished volunteering at the folk festival in town and was on the 
phone with my mom when I decided to take a seat on the ground. I was fairly content just sitting
there in the shade but then a man did something so kind, it took me back a bit. 
The man came over to me with a chair and placed it right next to me and just smiled. I then
profusely thanked him and was awestruck by his simple act of kindness for the rest of the day.

I think the act of spreading kindness is incredibly important, especially when it's most 
difficult. Something I would love to start is to begin sharing stories of kindness. Whether it
be something you have done or something a stranger did, all types of kindness are important.
If you have a kindness story to share, please email me ( and I
would love to share it on here! 

Let's spread the kindness around!

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Allie said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture! I love reminders like that - it makes you step back and remember to go outside of your way for others too!

Isn’t That Charming.