The power of television

Today, as I was sitting in my car waiting for friends to arrive at school so we could take our AP English test, I reflected on somethings. One thing I realized was how much television, books, and music represent stages in my life. If you could document what tv shows I watched at one point to another there would be a story as to why. Let's begin with television... you can try it to! Track your shows you watch or watched consistently and then think of why.

First off: 7-8th grade- One Tree Hill
I was a huge OTH fan. I used to dream of them filming the show in my town and me getting to meet the actor who plays Nathan. (Used to know his name. Darn.) When Haley and Nathan got married as juniors and had a child by the time they were seniors in high school, I thought it was adorable. Now that I'm a senior in high school, it's not so cute. It's creepy. I loved this show because it gave me a glimpse into the big wonderful world of high school and out of the dreadful world of middle school. I no longer can stand this show.

I loved the gore and mystery and suspense that came with every show. Now I can't stand to see the nasty images. Yuck. This helped me through a dark patch in high school though.

Now I watch all uplifting and light shows like Ellen and Modern Family because I'm really happy these days. It's so funny to think how much shows reflect out life and our attitudes at the time.
Next up: music!


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