Today I found myself over-thinking. I tend to be very good at this over-thinking. I'll grab hold of one moment and analyze each and every aspect of it down to the wire. Over-thinking is like a disease. It never stops growing once it's began.

So what what I over-thinking about you ask? What was gnawing at me incessantly during 5th period today? The future. The future was.

This great future looming towards me. Each day it comes closer and closer. No longer is it moving at horse and buggy speed but at race car speed. Graduation is next week, and all I can think about is whether or not Arizona is the right choice.

I know it has to be. It has to. I know I will love it dearly. But so much of me knows the truth. Knows my undying devotion and adoration for the south. For the place I traveled to two summers ago and fell in love with. I know my father felt it too, this deep and sincere love. I can sense he grew restless from this newfound love also. Every day since then, it has surrounded me.

I know one day I'll end up over there. It's best that I didn't go for the first four years. I know this. Yet it's difficult. I feel this need to travel, to explore, to live. I want to go to Italy and live there for a year. I want to walk around Greece and breathe it all in. I want cobblestone streets and southern hospitality down in the south.

And I'm going to Arizona. Not exactly the south or Europe in any sense.

But I'll get there someday. I will.

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