Sometimes we all need a reminder to "have a nice day" so I
wrote it on my friend Matt's arm. Then Katie wrote "you too" on
mine. I thought it would make people happy.

Then on Friday, I met Dtrix and Nathan Owens. They were both
incredibly cool and hilarious.
On Thursday my friends and I went to Crepeville and then
wandered around Midtown Sacramento. We found glass Coke
bottles and were all giddy with our discovery. Coke tastes
10,000 times better in a glass bottle, if you were wondering.

And that my friends, is what has created bliss in my life. That, and
the fact that we got our yearbooks and cap and gowns this week.
It's really happening...

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Jenni Austria Germany said...

so true about the glass bottles. i don't even drink/like coke but if it comes out of a glass bottlem i've been known to take a sip or two.