Last Days

(Written this morning) This is my last day sitting in Starbucks at 7 am after dripping off my sister at zero period. In the beginning of the year, this responsibility seemed like the ultimate punishment. Yet now I'm sad it'll be over. (not as sad about all the money I've spent on drinks) Because of this daily morning ritual, I've gotten to arrive to school when I wanted to (early of course), have tea every single morning, and have extra studying time. As the sun comes pouring through the windows right now and I sit here studying for my last AP Bio final, I can't help but feel sad that this is the last day. I'll miss seeing the baristas every day that now know my drinks (because I'm always switching them up) and my name. I'll miss the wonderful African music and Ella Fitzgerald that they occasionally play. I'll miss being a fixture upon this place- something that is constant and welcoming. When people would notice I wasn't in Starbucks one morning, I would actually get concerning texts asking if I was all right.

It seems hard to believe that it is all ending. Every little ting is ending one at a time. First this and then tomorrow the two last periods of my classes will be gone. I never thought I'd miss Starbucks (especially after they raised their prices some odd months ago and I switched over to It's a Grind for some time) but I will. Or perhaps I'll miss this normalcy. This constant in my life. Either way, some aspects of these peaceful mornings will be missed.
Also, this face will be missed next year also. Such a cute doggie.

P.S. Wrote all that on my iphone this morning. Wowzer!

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