Let go.
It's all coming so fast. Yet so slow.

It takes all of my power to tell myself to slow down, to
appreciate these last few days. I see college graduates
all over, even in my own family, and I so badly wish
it was me. But why?

I want to enjoy college. These 'best years of my life.'
I want to live. I don't want to be envious.
So why am I?

It's like a disease. This envious feeling. It eats me up inside
until I realize my life is spinning around me and I'm stuck
in the past. It happens far too often, and I don't want this to happen
for my high school graduation.

I will enjoy it. I will breathe and laugh and smile. I will
live in the moment. I won't compare myself to others. I won't
let my last few months here before college slip through my fingers.


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Ana* said...

hooray to living in the moment, that is something i struggle with sometimes. and to be honest, the appreciation of life's little moments is what makes us happy