Remember what I said about television being affected by where you are in your life at the moment. well books are affected in the same way.

Last night i was trying to decide what book to buy on my Nook (say what you want, but when all I need is a good book to read right now, the Nook comes in handy) and was contemplating over the book pictured above vs. the book below. Finally I came to a conclusion.

I chose the book above, not only because the cover is beautiful (yes, I do judge a book by its cover) but also because I didn't feel the need to read a book about acquiring happiness right now. why? because I am happy. reading a book on how to be happier doesn't apply to my life right now. if i was any happier than people would probably think i was on some type of pills. not good.

books mark times in our lives. when I am feeling like i need to be challenged, i read a classic... when i need a good laugh, i read fluff (my moms word for chick-lit)... when i just want to escape into the world i am reading about, i choose your good ole' regular fiction. books have always been around in my life and its because they help me realize something new about my self with each page and help me organize my thoughts.

Books are my water. Ok and coffee is too.
sorry Happiness Project. Maybe another time.

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