A day with the cousin

On Thursday I got to babysit my adorable and always energetic cousin, Taylor.
We did everything from get some yummy Nu-Yo to fashion shows of my
prom dress and her first communion dress. Oh, and we also went on a walk
that was absolutely gorgeous. I felt like I was on top of the world.
T.T. with her Nu-Yo. Happy girl.
My pink lemonade Nu-Yo. Lots of fruit!
T and Buster. (Yes, like Buster Posey the Giants player.)
Rolling hills on our hike. From here, you could see the entire town.
Possibly to San Francisco.

Have a wonderful weekend! Senior Ball is today so expect lots of pictures
Sunday or Monday. Also, I saw Thor last night and it was epic.


Michaela said...

How fun! Love the name buster...mostly cause I love Buster Posey. I want to marry him...but he's taken! Bummer (:

Allie said...

I know right? He's gorgeous! :)