Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Senior Ball!

Date and I jumping on the trampoline.
All the beautiful people

beautiful mama
Kyle. How I adore him.

Words can not describe how magical that evening was. Everything was perfect. I danced and was sore the next day, ate a fabulous salad that they served us, and laughed non stop. My dress may have gotten messed up and my hair might have fallen out slightly and my make up became askew, but none of that mattered when all I wanted to do was keep on smiling.


Alivia said...

Oh my gosh your dress is insane! It's BEAUTIFUL!! I think I need it.
And an event to wear it to. So pretty :)

Allie said...

Thank you so much! It was the first one I tried on and immediately knew it would be the last one I tried on also.

definatlynotcarson said...

Im not happy having my picture on random blogs for random creeps to see. This is not ok. I had no idea i was in ur blog so much. Although I dont blame you for wanting me in it. I sorta am that cool. And yes I am blogstalking you