And We Are Back...

Ladies and Gentlemen...
I am back to school.
To celebrate (?) being back on campus, a bunch of my friends and I
went out to our favorite dinner spot (Wilco). Our server
was terrible (and wanted an 18% gratuity because there were more
than 5 of us. psh) but the food was still delicious as always.
Now that school is back in session, coffee will continue to be
my best friend (even the crappy stuff that I have in my hand there)
and my life will be consumed with studying, volunteering, and church.
So let's get started! But don't worry, I'll fit time in for the little blog. :)

My classes this semester should be interesting. I'm taking Comparative Religions,
Italian 102, Intro to Weather and Climate, a leadership class,
English 102, and this colloquium on Linguistics.
Wish me luck?!

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