SAG Awards Gown Update

I think all that needs to be said in this post is that
the stars definitely one-upped their outfit choices
from the Golden Globes. These SAG awards
gowns are stunning and unique and I loved
them all so much that I just decided to show you
9 of my favorites.

What do you think?
I'm obsessed. Can I PUH-LEASE have this?
Viola Davis stuns in this beauty.
I also want this gown. So classy.
Can I be princess for the day in this gown?

So sparkly and feminine.

The neckline. Enough said.

The cut. And she looks so stinking happy
wearing this gown!

Hottest couple award goes to these two. Love
the color of her gown.

This is the dress I dream about. The color and cut
are just stunning. Brava Diana! Love the hair as well.

1 comment:

Marshall said...

I agree with you!! Love them all! Though I have to say the green is my favorite. That color is my favorite.

I want one!!! (: