Last Friday Night

Yesterday I decided to whip out the camera and snap
some photos of the architecture in my dorm.

These lights hang in the front of the building and I am
kind of obsessed.
These pillars are in the front as well and I'm even
more obsessed with these. The other day I decided
my dorm looks like it should be in DC.
I think I've expressed my love for the windows as well
but just in case, here is a photo of the window and the pillar.

We then went to a hockey game (I now love going to these, I'm
even going again tonight) and we ran into this cathedral that I thought
was breathtaking.
I thought this was a pretty legit shot.
Monica representing America and the UA.

It was a pretty great Friday night.
How was yours?

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Lauren said...

Even from these photos your dorm looks so old & rustic & lovely.