A New Obsession

This show right hurr. (here)
I'm fairly convinced that I was supposed to be British.
Just throwing that out there. My skin tone and way of life
would fit in there a lot more than it does here... maybe.
(This theory has not been tested out yet so please
stand by for confirmation.)
Just look at the clothes and listen to the accents!
And the whole drama behind the Crawley estate is just
too rich. I love it.
Professor Mcgonagall (definitely had to look up that spelling) is also in it.
So there is some motivation to watch it as well.
Plus it's pretty. Like Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightley version)
when she is meeting Darcy at day break and he is walking through
that field and the sun is rising just perfectly over his shoulder and
he is wearing that low cut white pirate shirt. Mmhh.
That kind of pretty.

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