This Time Last Year

*warning. Things are about to get sentimental.
On January 2nd, last year, my car broke down. I frantically called everyone I knew to try and help me and the person who responded was my Papa and my best friend. My Papa immediately came to the theatre (where I was stuck) and tried to figure out the problem on our hands.

That was a year ago.

On February 15th, he went to Heaven.

It still amazes me how much can happen in one year. This time last year my Papa was still here with me and was able to help me fix my car. He was the ultimate fixer.

I guess what I am saying, is that life is unexpected. As much as I love being a planner and knowing what is coming up, I never really know what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day. Only God knows the path.

This time last year my Papa was here and now he has gone before me. I'm grateful for every moment I was able to share with him and for every wheezy laugh I got out of him.

Hello 2012.


vintch said...

happy to find your blog. what a bittersweet memory...i love the honesty in this post. it's true, we never know what a year, month or day has in store, but thankfully we worship the One who does, and who sees all before we do. this provides me much comfort, and i pray it does for you:) happy new year!

faith in between said...

such a beautiful post..and so true. thank you for the reminder to treasure each moment, the expected & the unexpected, the simple & the grand...and to be grateful for each & every one.