Celebratory Weekend!

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
I have survived my first 3 days of classes! Phew!
Now it is time to celebrate!!!!

Tomorrow I turn 19 but my friends and I are just having
it be a celebratory 3 day weekend! I'm down for that!

To kick it off, we are going shopping today for a birthday outfit,
some new heels, red lipstick, and I am on the search for some
red skinny jeans. Then we are going to birthday dinner #1
since my friend can't go do dinner with me tomorrow night.
2 birthday dinners? Fine by me! Can you say free dessert?

Then tomorrow, I am receiving the ultimate birthday present.
The 49er's are playing the Saint's in the playoff game.
This is the ultimate game for me because these are my
two teams! So in order to cheer them both on (even though
my dad says I have an obligation to the 49ers since I've
been rooting them on since birth practically), I am going
to wear my Saint's jersey (Go #9 Drew Brees!) and
verbally cheer on the Niners.
Is that fair enough?


Have a great weekend!


Bri said...

happy birthday to you!!! :)

Michaela said...

WOOHOO 49ers! And...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you had a wonderful day :)