Outfit post?

I kind of like my outfit today so I thought I would share it.
I'd also like to point out how large my obsession is with
colored pants. I have a red pair and am DYING for a blue or
green (or both) pair. Literally, I would spend some of my
non-existant money to get me a pair. That's saying a lot.
Note: the excessive amount of garbage. my apologizes.
but i did vacuum the room yesterday. i had a Monica moment.

In other college life news, I am thinking about getting a job.
Any thoughts/opinions? I have a pretty big load of schoolwork
and volunteering/church activities going on, but I absolutely hate
not making money anymore. This girl likes to shop. In order for me
to shop, I need the dough. Starbucks is looking like a pretty nice option right now.

1 comment:

Natalie @ {Gossett Girl} said...

Just stumbled upon your cute blog!

Love your outfit and to answer your job question, if you think you're up for it, I'd say go for it! And I've heard great things about Starbucks as a place to work. Can't be the free coffee drinks and the opportunity to take all the left over baked goods and lunch packs home. :)