A Sudden Realization

Have you ever had that moment where you step out of yourself
and realize something pretty profound? That happened to me
at church yesterday (and resulted in me missing a slide for projection.
whoops.) and I couldn't help but tell everyone once mass was out!

The other day I was complaining to my friend that I wanted
a guy to pursue me and be the one that wants me and not always
be the other way around where I like the guy and he likes someone else.
Then that night we went out to a party and I met this guy.
I don't know what will come of this if anything at all, but
he is kind of exactly what I was looking for and let's be real,
begging for. I never thought that expression, "you'll find him
when you least expect it" was true until now. Because honestly,
I was not expecting this at all.

God really does work in mysterious ways, no? It was
kind of the perfect wake-up call.

Has this happened to you? This type of realization?

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